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Practical information

  • 2 tickets per tour
  • • No access to children under 1m and pregnant women
    • Children between 1m and 1,20m must be accompanied.
    • Closing of the attraction when the temperature is below 5°C.
    • Access instructions for persons with disabilities:
    Priority access, maximum 4 per cycle with one accompanying person per Rocket.
    Wheelchair transfer required.

  • From 1m

Fast and furious

Seeking extreme thrills? You won't need to look further than these shuttles zooming through the redwoods, created by intergalactic explorers. For three minutes, the five shiny rockets in vivid red hurtle along 400 metres of perilous twists and turns, reaching speeds of up to 45 km per hour on a roller coaster track that is one-of-a-kind in Europe. And if you are a genuine speed addict, take a training session with our bobsleigh team!

Enjoy the view between the bends!