Practical information

  • 2 tickets per tour
  • 1,10m
With the support of the Jane Goodall Foundation France

With Wild Immersion, in cooperation with the famous ethologist Jane Goodall, the first virtual reserve, you have already discovered, at the Jardin d'Acclimatation, in 360° and augmented reality, the world of great apes, the creatures on the ocean floor and the Savannah Big Five. It is at the poles and in the Great North American that we transport you, without a carbon footprint, from the beginning of this year, in a new film populated by arctic wolves, bison, reindeer and polar bears, all threatened by climate change. Go to the Winter Palace (it’s a good thing) to plunge into a cold and sometimes cruel world, for about ten minutes to take your breath away. Obviously heated room…

New movie until the 23rd February