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Head to the “Hameau de la Ferme” (Farm Hamlet) to discover the secrets of beekeeping! In 2010, the Jardin d’Acclimatation set up an educational apiary where honeybees are kept. These bees produce their own nectar. Each of our five hives accommodates a colony of 20,000 bees in winter and up to 80,000 in summer. Every day, these black and yellow striped insects gather pollen from 700 flowers, in a 1- to 5-km radius around their hive. Our bees can therefore take advantage of the varied flora of our 18 hectares, which grows without being sprayed with any pesticides, and venture right up to the Eiffel Tower or even to the La Défense district.
Just like the wind, flies, butterflies and beetles, wild and domestic bees are actively involved in the reproduction of flowering plants. As such, they play a key role in maintaining biodiversity.

We provide these foragers with a remarkable shelter. Thanks to their work, we collect around 200 kg of honey per year. Head to the Jardin’s shops to try our precious elixir!