The Jardin d’Acclimatation is offering some new family-friendly activities: climb aboard a little wooden boat for a leisurely trip across the water.

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Practical information

  • 1 ticket per tour
  • No access to children under 80cm and above 140cm.
    Compulsory accompaniment for children bewteen 80cm and 100cm.

    Access instructions for people with disabilities:
    Priority access, maximum 8 per cycle, with 1 accompanying per boat.
    Wheelchair transfer required.
  • From 80cm to 140cm

Idyllic cruise

Take a seat in a little wooden boat for a relaxing family outing that takes you passed the thatched roofs of a Norman farm. As you move with the current of the small central pond, you will see two half-timbered houses that house the goat enclosure. Dwarf goats amble along the banks of the river. Discover animals as you have never seen them before. Prepare to be splashed, waterfall ahead!

Travelling by boat, you will see the Jardin’s farm in a whole new light.