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A one-of-a-kind attraction, la Ferme Saint-Hilaire is the only educational farm near Paris. Topped with thatched roofs, this charming Normandy-style hamlet is home to rabbits, guinea pigs, Rove goats, Ouessant sheep, donkeys, a henhouse and an apiary. This merry little community is organised around the changing seasons and births, introducing young city dwellers to the cycles of the rural world. After this encounter with nature, the children will come away with memories galore.

Come and meet the pygmy goats at the Small Farm

They love receiving visits on the large meadow, which is theirs! As for the children, they will be delighted to encounter the pygmy goats, by entering their enclosure.

Opening times: from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 5pm
Outside school holidays: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Paris-region school holidays: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

The team of carers looks after our animal friends all day long. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are our experts in nutrition, care and hygiene. To contribute to the health of our animals, it is important not to feed them yourselves.