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Practical information

  • 1 ticket per tour
  • No access to children under 90cm.
    Children between 90cm and 1,10m must be accompanied.

    This attraction closes when the temperature is below 5°C.

    Access instructions for persons with disabilities:
    Priority access, maximum 5 per cycle, with 1 accompanying person per double seat.
    Wheelchair transfer required.
  • From 90cm

The mysteries of time

Want to crack the secret of the Jardin's clock and become the master of time? Settle into your chair and slowly ascend our Clock Tower. But as you approach the coveted workings, 10 metres from the ground, the machinery rebels and sends you into a dizzying fall. The tower rises and falls over and over again, while the grinding of the cogs and wheels gets louder and louder. At the last minute, you'll be caught in mid-flight and arrive back on firm ground.

10 metres of freefall and braking: excitement without the fear!