Come and learn the secrets of a great Asian civilisation.

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Practical information

  • Free
  • For the entire family !
  • For all heights

The Seoul Garden is an invitation to reverie and spiritual immersion. Soothed by the beauty of the place and feeling far from home, the walker is drawn into an unprecedented sensory experience, a harmonious blend of vegetable and mineral. He or she enters haven of serenity through the Gateway to Paradise (Pisemun). The round temple’s columns are reflected in the purification pond (Sesimji), where swans, ducks and little boats float about. Then, he or she goes through the Gateway to Eternity (Bullomun), to reach the meditation pavilion (Jukujeong), where small bells give rhythm to the waving of the bamboo. In this setting, the feeling of zen takes you to new heights of well-being!